Myrna – FAQs


  • Put your phone on airplane mode prior to recording the meeting to minimize the chance of interruption. 
  • For optimal audio quality, place the phone in an area that can capture everyone’s voice (usually in the center of the meeting attendees).
  • Once the meeting starts, go around the table and have each attendee state their name and title.
  • Speak clearly so the audio can be clearly captured.
  • To be specifically identified by name in the minutes with regards to making a motion or statement, identify yourself before making the comment.
  • If the meeting takes a break, don’t forget to start recording when the meeting commences again.
  • Make sure your phone is sufficiently charged or have it close to an outlet to maintain power for the duration of the meeting.
  • To minimize data usage, upload the meeting when you are connected to Wi-Fi.



What happens if someone calls me while I’m recording the meeting?

We recommend putting your phone on airplane mode to avoid any interruptions during the recording, but if a call comes in, the recording will be paused for the duration of the ring and call.

I’ve recorded my meeting; how do I upload it for transcription later?

Go to your saved meetings by swiping up from the bottom of the screen; or, on the home screen, click “See Saved Meetings” and click the blue button on the top right-hand side of each saved recording.

How do I know if my saved meeting has been uploaded to Minutes Solutions?

Your uploaded meeting will have a green checkmark in the top right corner (replacing the blue icon for meetings that have been saved, but not submitted, to Minutes Solutions).

What happens once a meeting is submitted to Minutes Solutions?

The recording will be sent to the admin team at Minutes Solutions and will be turned into a set of meeting minutes by one of our professional minute takers.

What happens if an attendee or guest comes into the meeting halfway through and they need to be added to the attendees list?

When you stop the recording at the end of the meeting, you will have a chance to review/edit the attendees list.

What is the difference between a “guest” and an “attendee”?

An attendee is typically someone who is part of the Board and a guest is someone who is not.

How do I know which audio quality to choose?

The better the quality, the clearer the recording, but it will use more MBs. The lowest quality is still considered very good. The highest quality is great but uses lots of MBs when uploading the meeting to Minutes Solutions.

How do I navigate between pages or toggle back and forth?

To go to the previous page, slide your thumb over the screen from left to right. To return to the homepage, touch the Minutes Solutions icon at the top of the screen.

What if my meeting contains private or confidential information?

Our staff operate under strict non-disclosure agreements — your information is kept completely private, confidential, and secure.