Minutes Solutions has established strategic partnerships with a handful of reputable, and carefully selected companies. The purpose of these partnerships is to offer relevant services, that our clients and non-clients alike can benefit from and receive at a discount when booked through us. Our partners offer a variety of different services, and are carefully vetted to ensure that they maintain and value the same quality and integrity that we do. For more information about our partners, please read on.

Visio Media

Visio Media installs complimentary digital elevator screens in high rise condominiums, and generously shares the generated advertising revenue with the property. Through this means of information sharing, Visio enables the property manager and board to effectively communicate building notices, news, and upcoming local events. Visio provides the residents with real time broadcasting of entertaining content (local news, sports updates, and local advertisements) and takes care of all the installation, hardware and software.

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Guardian Legal Consultants

GLC has positioned itself as a firm that provides its clients with stability and certainty in these uncertain times. Their abilities pertaining to condo meetings range from assisting boards with properly creating and facilitating proxy forms, to chairing the meetings themselves, all in accordance with the most updated laws. GLC is also experienced with condo litigation, representing owners in court to ensure that management and boards act fairly, justly, and in accordance with their legal obligations.

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GetQuorum is an electronic proxy voting system designed specifically for the condominium market. The software allows corporations to boost owner engagement with increased transparency, all while saving on printing and mailing costs. GetQuorum is trusted by hundreds of Ontario based condo corporations for their meetings and budget distributions.

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Pacific Light & Energy

Pacific Light & Energy specializes in providing customized turn-key lighting and energy efficiency solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential clients.  Pacific partners with clients and utility providers to deliver verifiable energy savings through expert planning, unbiased procurement and professional installation.  Contact Minutes Solutions to arrange a free, no obligation evaluation of how these projects will increase property value and lower operating costs and to find out about our partners discount.

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