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The global leader in professional minute taking Our team of expert minute takers and editors saves you time and improves the effectiveness of your meetings. We provide prompt, accurate, and objective meeting minutes so you can focus on what you do best. Get a Quote

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Why You Need a Professional Minute Taker

Save Time

Minute taking is extremely time-consuming. Let your team focus on its core responsibilities.


Instill confidence in your stakeholders with objective third-party minute takers.

Lower Staffing Costs

Pay for minute taking only when you need it.

Focus on the Meeting

Participants won’t be distracted by taking minutes.

The Minutes Solutions Advantage

First-Class Minute Takers

Our minute takers are all based in Canada or the United States and undergo stringent screening, testing, and training to ensure we maintain the highest standards in the industry.


Privacy is our top priority. Your information always remains private and secure. All our staff operate under strict non-disclosure agreements.


Timeliness is crucial and allows action items to be completed quickly. We operate on firm deadlines, which can be expedited upon request.


We offer competitive pricing with no long-term commitment required.

Customer Service

With our dedicated Customer Success team, our perfect 5-star Google reviews rating is no surprise.

Professional Editing

Every set of minutes/notes is reviewed by a professional editor and a member of our Quality Assurance team.


We help you meet your compliance requirements and help protect your organization from liability.

Revisions Are Included

If you require any changes, we’ll take care of them at no extra cost until your minutes are perfect.

Unlimited Free Storage

We store your completed minutes securely at no extra cost so you’ll never have minutes go missing again.


Costs are on a per-meeting basis, dependent on the type and length of your meeting. Contact us today to tell us about your organization and your meetings and we’ll provide you with a free quote and further information about our services.

No, you do not. You are welcome to work with us on a per-meeting basis with no commitment.  We’re confident that if you try our services, we’ll develop a long-term partnership with you; 98% of clients who book with us once, book us again.

Our standard turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days, with the option to receive your minutes or notes within 3 business days for an additional fee.

Access to your information, meeting materials, and minutes is tightly controlled. Every one of our employees signs a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we are happy to sign an NDA specific to our work with your organization.

We serve clients in every industry. We have extensive experience working with clients in:

  • Condominiums & HOAs
  • Associations
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Corporations
  • Governments
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Most of the meetings we document are board meetings, committee meetings, or annual meetings. However, we assist our clients with any other type of meeting they have, including:

  • Owners’ meetings, including turnover meetings and town halls
  • Executive meetings
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Research interviews
  • Council meetings
  • Budget meetings
  • Roundtables

We work with everyone from rocket scientists to brain surgeons, financial corporations to Indigenous organizations. Our minute takers are trained to thrive with any subject matter. That said, we do have a wide array of minute takers who specialize in different fields and we assign them to our clients’ meetings accordingly.

We offer in-person minute taking services in select locations. We also frequently send minute takers to various locations across North America and overseas to attend our clients’ important meetings in-person. If you require an in-person minute taker for your meeting or event, please contact us today and we will provide a free quote.

While we can’t always guarantee it, we do try to provide a consistent minute taker for your meetings. It’s beneficial for both sides to build a sense of familiarity, as this makes our minute taker’s work easier and results in the best set of minutes possible.

Yes, we do. We provide note taking and verbatim transcription services for our clients’ venture sessions, workshops, interviews, conferences, and other meeting types that don’t require formal meeting minutes.

No, we offer unlimited secure storage at no additional cost. No more trying to hunt down previous minutes when you experience staff or management turnover. We’ll always have the files you need.

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