Condos & HOAs

Condominium and HOA experts since Day One

We’ve been condominium and HOA experts from the beginning, having worked with thousands of communities across North America since 2014. As industry experts, we provide minute taking services for many of the Community Association Institute’s national boards and committees.

Our minute takers are trained on the specific requirements of community associations so you can trust that our professional minutes will comply with best practices to protect managers, directors, and communities. Our professional minute takers are an unbiased third party, providing objective minutes that residents can trust to be accurate.

Community associations have a lot of moving parts and it’s crucial to complete action items in a timely fashion. We deliver the minutes promptly, helping community managers to stay on top of deliverables identified in meetings and complete them expeditiously.

Some of Our Condominium & HOA Clients

We serve communities of every size and type, including:

  • Condominiums and condominium ownership associations (COAs)

  • Homeowner’s associations (HOAs)

  • Property owner’s associations (POAs)

  • Co-operatives (Co-ops)

  • Common element condominium corporations

  • Stratas

  • Retirement communities

  • Resort communities

  • Vacant land condominium corporations

We provide condominiums and HOAs with professional minutes for all their various meetings:

  • Board meetings

  • Annual meetings

  • Committee meetings

  • Budget meetings

  • Town halls

  • Owners’ meetings

  • Turnover meetings

  • Special/emergency meetings

The Minutes Solutions Advantage

First-Class Minute Takers

Our minute takers are all based in Canada or the United States and undergo stringent screening, testing, and training to ensure we maintain the highest standards in the industry.


Privacy is our top priority. Your information always remains private and secure. All our staff operate under strict non-disclosure agreements.


Timeliness is crucial and allows action items to be completed quickly. We operate on firm deadlines, which can be expedited upon request.


We offer competitive pricing with no long-term commitment required.

Customer Service

With our dedicated Customer Success team, our perfect 5-star Google reviews rating is no surprise.

Professional Editing

Every set of minutes/notes is reviewed by a professional editor and a member of our Quality Assurance team.


We help you meet your compliance requirements and help protect your organization from liability.

Revisions Are Included

If you require any changes, we’ll take care of them at no extra cost until your minutes are perfect.

Unlimited Free Storage

We store your completed minutes securely at no extra cost so you’ll never have minutes go missing again.

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