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Minutes Solutions was founded to improve communication between board members and stakeholders.

Noah Maislin joined the minute taking industry in 2012, working as head of operations for a company called CMS. His entrepreneurial background and familiarity with the condominium industry inspired him to launch Minutes Solutions in 2014 and turn it into one of the most prominent minute taking businesses in North America.

Through networking and education, Noah’s efforts manifested in a vast increase in new business and clientele. Today, we work across North America and overseas, in every sector.

Our rigorously screened, tested, and trained minute takers and editors deliver first-class minutes for meetings of all types. Minutes Solutions’ exceptional customer service, large cohort of experienced minute takers, attention to detail, and innovative thinking are what separate us from the rest.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide organizations with peace of mind and security by taking accurate, unbiased meeting minutes and delivering them quickly.

Vision Statement:

To be the global leader of professional minute taking, using the most efficient, effective, and innovative means to deliver accurate and unbiased minutes.

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