Professional Minute Taking Services with Minutes Solutions

Professional Minute Taking

Minutes Solutions specializes in third-party, professional minute taking and transcription services for meetings and communications across a variety of industries.

Professional Minute Taking Services

Minutes Solutions specializes in meeting transcription for corporations, condominium boards, associations, committees, and non-profit organizations. We provide these services for various types of meetings, including board meetings, AGMs, budget meetings, owners’ meetings, turnover meetings, and more, and make available one of our highly trained minute takers to attend via teleconference if required. As well as this, we are also able to formulate a comprehensive set of minutes from a quality audio file sent digitally and whether you choose our format or your own, we are able to deliver your minutes according to your preferences. Accuracy and quality are both at the heart of our ethos, so all transcribed documents are carefully reviewed by dedicated editors and returned to you within 5 business days or sooner.

Transcriptional Services

Our professional transcriptionists are highly skilled in their field of expertise and are able to convert conversations, interviews, meetings, audio files, videos, speeches, seminars, lectures, and many more dialogue or monologue situations into comprehensive transcripts. All of the work our transcriptionists carry out is in accordance with the highest standards and quality and we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Newsletters & Summaries

Minutes Solutions can also help your business improve transparency and communication among your team members with informative recaps. Our attractive, easy-to-read newsletters and meeting summaries keep people up-to-date about your organization, whether it be a corporation, condominium board, association, committee or non-profit.

Efficient and Effective

Our professional minute takers and transcriptionists consistently provide the highest levels of quality and accuracy. We ensure all work is carried out promptly and meets your requirements no matter your organization size or meeting format. All in all, we help to boost communication within your organization to increase the efficiency of your operations.

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