Month: March 2024

VIDEO PODCAST: Unlocking the Secrets Behind Effective Meeting Minutes

Join Matt McEwan of Minutes Solutions, and Steve Roderick and David Velasco of JGS Insurance, as they dive into the realm of community association meetings in episode 159 of Community Association Car Chat.

In this episode, they discuss the challenges of minute taking for community associations and the benefits of professional minute takers. Matt walks you through the process of utilizing our minute-taking services and highlights the key qualities that make a great minute taker.

Additionally, he delves into the differences between minute takers and stenographers, providing valuable insights to help you navigate your options effectively.

Ready to enhance the efficiency of your community association meetings? Watch the video to gain valuable insights and learn how to start putting your meeting minutes to work.

Minutes Solutions Inc.

At Minutes Solutions Inc., we don’t just document meetings; we transform them. With a wealth of experience specializing in professional minute-taking for community associations, our team stands ready to elevate your meetings to new heights. As a professional third-party minute-taking company, Minutes Solutions provides prompt, accurate, and objective minutes for associations in every field. Since 2014, the company has provided minute-taking services for over 50,000 meetings for more than 4,000 organizations across North America. Its cohort of over 150 professionally trained minute takers in Canada and the U.S. undergoes rigorous training in industry best practices that help make board meetings more effective and allow staff and board members to focus on their core responsibilities.