Month: May 2023

PANEL: Strategies for Shaping the Culture of Your Association

Associations have long played a vital role in various industries, providing platforms for collaboration, networking, knowledge sharing, and advocacy on behalf of their members. However, in order to remain relevant, increase member engagement, and attract a younger generation, associations must continuously assess their culture and ensure it aligns with the shared values of the organization.

In this on-demand webinar, Ashley Perkins of Minutes Solutions and Michael Hoffman of Gather Voices provide practical tips and strategies for developing a positive association culture that fosters growth and engagement. They also delve into the importance of effective communication channels and tactics that facilitate collaboration and transparency within associations.

Recognizing that a strong and inclusive culture positively impacts all areas of an association, Perkins and Hoffman stress the significance of active listening. By actively listening to their members, associations can gain valuable insights, measure their culture, gather feedback, and implement changes that lead to the creation of a culture that everyone can be proud of.

Gain expert advice on developing a thriving association culture, learn strategies for soliciting member feedback, and discover the transformative power of creating a culture where every individual feels valued and empowered. To access the full webinar, simply register by clicking this button:

Minutes Solutions Inc.

Minutes Solutions takes the minutes for ASAE and CSAE boards and committees. As a professional third-party minute taking company, Minutes Solutions provides prompt, accurate, and objective minutes for associations in every field. Since 2014, the company has provided minute taking services for over 40,000 meetings for more than 3,000 organizations across North America. Its cohort of over 100 professionally trained minute takers in the U.S. and Canada undergoes rigorous training in industry best practices that help make association meetings more effective and allow staff to focus on the meeting and what they do best.